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Amazfit GTS Fitness Smartwatch Review 2021

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Amazfit GTS Fitness Smartwatch, Here are some of the best smartwatches available for iPhone and Android users,
Beautiful smartwatches do more than inform you when you receive a call or text message on your wrist.

It’s all a life-saving body, a digital wallet, and in some cases, it can work as a phone, even if your smartphone is nowhere near. Smartwatches have gone through strict adherence, and now they have health features that can save your life.

Amazfit GTS 2 Mini Fitness Smart Watch

Amazifit GTS a pair of mini Fitness sensible Watch Alexa inbuilt, Super-Light skinny style, Spo2 Level mensuration, 14-Days Battery Life, 70+ Sports Modes, Heart Rate, Stability Levels, Stress Level watching wader Pink,


SUPER light-weight and Thin:

Amazfit GTS a pair of mini with a pair of.5D glass flexuous to reinforce your most trendy garments, the clear style of this smartwatch weighs nineteen.5g and encompasses a size of eight.95mm (without the bottom of the sensor) animal skin belt.

Amazfit_GTS_2_Mini_Fitness_Smart_Watch_Alexa_Built_In (7)


Ask Amazon Alexa on your Amazfit GTS a pair of mini. raise queries, get translations, set alarms, and timers, produce a searching list, check the weather, manage your sensible home devices, and more.

HEART ATTACK AND SLEEP: The GTS a pair of mini supports a number one heart specialist to observe the rate of flow. This smartwatch also can monitor your respiratory rate by sleeping in bright, deep, and rapid eye movement classes in the dark, and my purpose to daytime sleep recording for complete sleep details.

SPO2 mensuration AND QUALITY ASSURANCE: when partaking in intense physical or mental activity, hold your arm firmly and take a look at your SpO2 level to higher perceive your condition. With the GTS a pair of mini, you’ll conjointly check to ascertain what your stress level is – from relaxed, normal, moderate, or high – and find suggestions on the way to cut back it.

70+ GAMES MODELS: With over seventy inbuilt sports modes and five dry ATMs, the GTS a pair of mini caters to a good vary of sports fans. The clock also can manage the music on your phone, give notifications regarding exercise categories, emotions, and heartbeats10, and generate a sports information report within the app when finishing your work.

Amazon Alexa intrinsic

You can talk over with Amazon Alexa on your Amazfit GTS two mini. raise queries, get translations, set alarms, and timers, produce searching lists, check the weather, manage your good home devices, and more.

14-Day Long Battery Life

A fully optimized battery management system provides up to fourteen days of typical battery life for the Amazfit GTS two mini – or seven days with significant usage. Get eliminate the anxiety brought on by constant charging, and keep the energy flowing.

SpO2 and Stress Level mensuration

After participating in intense physical or mental activity, hold your arm still and check your SpO2 level7 to urge a more robust understanding of your condition. With the GTS two mini, you’ll be able to conjointly check to visualize wherever your personal stress level lies – from relaxed, normal, medium, or high – and obtain some suggestions on the way to cut back it.

Features on the far side the boundaries of Size

Improve time management and potency with the Pomodoro clock, remotely manage the itinerant to require photos and switch on Selfie mode with the Bluetooth camera13, intimately track feminine cycles, and learn to relax with respiratory exercises.

PAI Health Assessment System8

A PAI score is calculated by process knowledge regarding your pulse rate associate degreed alternative advanced health data with a rule. This single-value score provides a custom health analysis for every user supported their distinctive health knowledge, giving everybody customized expertise.

Amazfit_GTS_2_Mini_Fitness_Smart_Watch_Alexa_Built_In (7)

Brand: Amazfit
Color: Multicolored
Screen Size: 1.55 Inches
Special Features: Wireless
Operating System: Amazfit OS
Human Interface Input: Touchscreen
Wireless Communication Standard: Bluetooth
Connectivity Technology: Wireless, Bluetooth
Product Dimensions: 1.59 x 1.4 x 0.41 inches
Batteries: 1 Lithium Polymer battery required. (included)
Supported Application: Fitness Tracker, Alarm, Calendar, Pedometer, Heart Rate Monitor

70+ Sports Modes

With over seventy intrinsic sports modes and five ATM water-resistance9, the GTS two mini covers most sports enthusiasts. The watch also can manage the music on your phone, offer notifications regarding exercise stages, conditions, and pulse rate zones10, and generate a sports knowledge report within the App once finishing your exertion.

Super-Light and skinny

Featuring sinuous two.5D glass to boost your most trendy outfits, the borderless design1 of the GTS two mini includes a light-weight of nineteen.5g2 and a thickness of eight.95mm (without the detector base), further as a skin-friendly polymer strap.

Personalized Watch Faces

The Amazfit GTS two mini includes a vivacious one.55-inch AMOLED screen and 50+ watch face to settle on from, with most conjointly having an identical Always-on Display3. transfer your own photos to create the watch face really yours, and specialize in what you care regarding with the custom standard dial.

Amazfit GTS Fitness Smartwatch 24 Hours pulse rate observation

The GTS two mini supports the industry-leading in-depth following of heart health4, with warnings for abnormally elevated resting pulse rate provided.

The Amazfit GTS a pair of mini adopts a brand new style conception. because of the four-curved corners of the two.5D glass cowl, the merchandise has no obvious come close to the front, transferral a “borderless” visual expertise.2. the burden of the surface body was measured in science laboratory conditions.

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The actual weight could also be slightly totally different.3. Always-on Display: once the screen is well-lighted, it displays system content. once the screen is in standby mode, it displays the time. This operation needs users to manually set “Always-on Display”. The user will switch this feature on or off through the watch.4. Sleep monitoring: will record evening sleep and naps throughout the daytime.


When it detects that the user is asleep between the time of day and 6 am, the sleep time between 6 pm of the previous day and 11 am may be recorded as night sleep time; sleep lasting quite twenty minutes is recorded as a nap. Sleep lasting but twenty minutes isn’t recorded. 5. This product isn’t a medical device. They take a look at information and results in square measure for reference solely and can’t be accustomed to diagnose or monitor any medical condition. additionally, the accuracy of the information is stricken by tattoos or alternative pigments on the skin, darker skin tones, hair, movement and sweat from sports, etc.6. The speedy eye movement amount,

also referred to as REM, is that the basis for the traditional biological rhythm and vital of mammals. It accounts for concerning 20%-25% of the complete night’s sleep cycle. it’s characterized by speedy eye movement, low-amplitude mixed-frequency electroencephalogram activity, and muscle tension relaxation. The speedy eye movement part is that the sleep part associated with dreams within the sleep cycle.7.

The blood-oxygen level will have an effect on varied organs. If the extent is simply too low, it could lead to symptoms, headaches, or pathology. This product isn’t a medical device. The measuring information is meant for reference solely and can’t be accustomed to perform skilled identification or observance of any medical conditions. in addition, information accuracy is affected if the sensing element space makes contact with skin that’s tattooed,

pigmented or deep-toned. to live SpO2 level, please keep your arm still.8. The HUNT Fitness Study indicates that folks World Health Organization maintain a PAI score of one hundred or higher show lower risk of cardiovascular disease, cardiovascular disease, and type-2 polygenic disorder. HUNT Fitness Study: This study was conducted by faculty member Ulrik Wisloff of the school of medication, Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

It lasted for quite thirty-five years and had quite 230,000 participants.9. per the GB/T 30106-2013 / IOS 22810:2010 commonplace, the waterproofing reaches up to fifty meters. animal skin or animal skin straps can not be worn for swimming; if you wish to wear them whereas swimming, please replace them with a polymer strap. so as to take care of decent sporting expertise, please wipe the watch as presently as doable when soaking in water.

A variety of things will have an effect on the waterproof capability, the science laboratory condition fifty meters water-resistance take a look at is simply for reference. This product isn’t appropriate for high-speed water sports and diving sports.10. pulse can not be monitored whereas swimming.11. Alexa is supported via sequent OTA updates. Alexa isn’t on the market all told countries/regions. to examine the countries/regions on the market, languages supported, still as the way to activate and use Alexa on your Amazfit GTS a pair of mini, please visit support.amazfit.12.

The battery life might vary per the settings, operation conditions and alternative factors. therefore the actual result might disagree with the laboratory information.13 The Bluetooth camera operate is simply compatible with some thought mobile devices.14. All information on the page while not special rationalization is from internal laboratory or provider information, that is obtained below specific testing conditions.15. thanks to a period of time changes in product batches and production offer, so as to supply as correct product data, specification parameters, and products characteristics as doable,

the text expression and film effects on the higher than pages could also be adjusted and revised in real-time so as to match the particular product characteristics, specifications, and components details while not special notice.16. The radio waves generated by the instrumentation might have an effect on the traditional operation of implantable medical devices or personal medical devices, like pacemakers, hearing aids. If you employ these devices, please consult the manufacturer for restrictions on the utilization of this device.


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