Apple AirTag Review 2021 April – Hands-on!

Apple AirTag Review 2021 April - Hands-on!

Apple AirTag Review 2021 April – Hands-on! Apple AirTags has been coming for a long time, and so far they have not disappointed. Easy to set up and use, the Precision Finding feature looks to help you quickly find inaccurate items, and Apple pays close attention to privacy to ensure that location trackers are not misused.

However, it is undeniable that they are expensive utensils, especially if you want to attach one of the keys or wallets to the wallet.

Apple’s long-awaited location tracking device, Air Tag, has finally been legalized, and although it may be small it is set to be very useful in finding inaccurate items such as your keys, wallet, or wallet.

As well as taking out an electronic beep where you can find the item marked if Air Tag is paired with an iPhone 11 or higher you can get specific object directions using the Find My app.

Called Precision Finding, the feature uses the iPhone accelerometer, camera, and gyroscope to provide directions on screens and communications.

Apple AirTag Review 2021 April - Hands-on!

Apple’s Find My device network can also be tied to help reconnect you with the AirTag you see lost rather than being placed in the wrong place. If another device on the network passes through AirTag installed in lost mode, you will receive an anonymous update in its place, and you can also provide the phone number in the lost AirTag so that if someone finds it, they can alert you.

A disc-shaped tracker can be placed in a wallet or purse, but if you want to attach keys or other items you will have to purchase a key fob of the selected key or loop; however, this will set you back for the same price, and in some cases even more, than AirTag itself.

We’ve been trying Apple AirTag for a while now – we haven’t used the location tracking feature long enough to appeal a decision yet, but this is our first appearance.

Apple AirTag price and availability

One Apple AirTag costs $ 29 / £ 29 / AU $ 45; you can also buy the fourth package for $ 99 / £ 99 / AU $ 149. AirTags can do pre-ordered now also will go on selling on April 30.

As mentioned, if you want to attach AirTag to keys, bikes, or other items you’ll need to buy a fob or key loop of your choice – this comes in silicon or leather, with prices starting at $ 29 / £ 29 / OR $ 45. Other products third party like Belkin makes the same straps and loops, and we expect more to continue to be sold as AirTags are very popular.

Apple AirTag Review – Design

About the size of a quarter or £ 2 coin, the AirTag is very thin – measuring 1.26 x 1.26 x 0.31 inches / 3.19 x 3.19 x 0.8cm and weighs just 11g. A removable plastic disk cover, which protects the CR2032 battery that powers the AirTag, and a built-in speaker, which will output sound when the Find My app on iPhone, iPad, or Mac is used to pinpoint your location.

Apple AirTag Review 2021 April - Hands-on!

There is no clip or tag on AirTag as usual, but it can be placed in a purse, purse, or jacket pocket. If you want to attach keys or other items, optional key fobs and leather and silicone loops can be purchased from Apple, or from third-party products such as Belkin.

AirTag has an IP67 rating, so it will survive trash in the deep pool or bathtub and is suitable with Apple’s free recording service, so you can add text, numbers, and emoji to a smooth plastic cover, making it easier to see which AirTag has more of them.

Apple has not yet announced the Bluetooth range for AirTags, but we believe it supports Bluetooth 5.0, which is the latest version of technology, as it is built into the iPhone 12, and has a range of 800/240 meters.


Like most iPhone accessories, Air Tag has proven to be very easy to set up. Once we removed the entry, AirTag released a short beep, and it was immediately recognized by our iPhone. We were able to assign a name to AirTag,

and it was assigned to our Apple ID, which appears on the Items tab. And it was very easy to install AirTag on leather and metal locks, enabling us to attach our keys, and belt bag.

Apple AirTag Review 2021 April - Hands-on!

Typing Air Tag from the list of items in the Find My app brings many options, including Play Sound. We found that it took a few seconds for Find My to connect to Air Tag and output three cycles of five electric beeps, registering 64db in our sound meter – loud enough for us to hear it under a pile of cushions under us d buried on the couch.

The short period of the electric beeps satisfies only seven seconds, enough to find something in one or the next room, but it was not enough while we were upstairs and our ‘lost’ object was below.

During that case, we became to use the Play Sound selection four times before we could grow solid sufficient for AirTag to discover it.

As we spend a lot of time with Air Tags we will be sure to check out the Precision Finding feature, which is designed to speed up finding more Air Tags, as well as lost mode, designed to help you find what you think is a lost cause.

Quick Decision

As we are able to properly position Apple Air Tags with their steps we will be focusing on testing as many of their features as possible so that we can make the most thoughtful decision.

Basically, we need to see how accurate Precision Finding is, and whether privacy features are as powerful as Apple claims to be.

However, based on our short time with AirTags so far, we can see that when you lose keys, wallets, and the like, it looks like a valuable and easy-to-use tool to reconnect and misplaced goods.

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