Canon EOS R3 is Officially its Powerful Sports Camera Always

Canon EOS R3 is Officially its Powerful Sports Camera Always

The incoming camera has nifty eye-controlled auto Focus, also

The Canon EOS R3 has recently been ridiculed for an astonishing ‘progressive announcement’ from a major camera – and is still building the most powerful cannon camera in Canon’s former sports photographers.

The new flagless flag is a cross between the Canon EOS 1D X Mark III DSLR and Canon EOS R5, which combines the quality of the 1D series and the fast 30fps that explode when using its electric shutter. In fact, with the performance of EOS R3’s shutter has a lot of power, we wonder if it will need a shutter to repair equipment.

This is not yet known, but one exciting thing has been confirmed is the new R3 Eye Control Function. Like the same feature we saw back in the day on Canon EOS 5 and EOS 3 movie cameras, this promises to let you select an autofocus point by simply looking at it in the viewfinder. It was a bit of a hit back in the 90s, but we are excited to try its new state in the EOS R3.

How well we will be able to do that, however, remains a mystery – Canon has not yet released a release date for its new mirrorless camera, and there are many missing details. For example, it is not yet clear which new Canon sensor is made with the EOS R3, or how much the camera will cost.

For now, here’s all we know about the Canon EOS R3, as well as our initial thoughts on what it means to be in fierce competition for a mirrorless camera.

Cut to the chase

  • What’s operating at? Canon’s new flagship camera is full of mirrorless frames for top photographers.
  • When can I buy it? We do not know at this time, as Canon only made a ‘development announcement’ for the EOS R3.
  • What are its features? Guaranteed features of the EOS R3 that will have a BS (built-in back) BS sensor, 30fps explosion with the electronic shutter, updated version of Dual Pixel CMOS AF, weatherproof body, and ability to let go move the autofocus points with your eye to the viewer. We do not yet know the resolution of its sensor or its value.

Date and price of release of Canon EOS R3

  • There is no official release date or price yet
  • It can be sold during the Tokyo Olympics
  • Price is expected to be closer to EOS 1D X Mark III than EOS R5

Canon has not yet revealed when the Canon EOS R3 will be fully launched or available for purchase. This is just an announcement of development, but if the launch of the Canon EOS R5 is a thing of the past, we can expect it to hit the shelves in the next three to six months.

Canon EOS R3 is Officially its Powerful Sports Camera Always

The announcement of the development of the Canon EOS R5 was in February 2020, and that camera was made available in July 2020, so it was waiting five months for that model. That means the Canon EOS R3 will be the perfect camera for photographers to take to the Tokyo Olympics, which is due to start on July 23 – so the R3 is likely to experience a slight change.

How much will it cost? Also, Canon has not yet provided official guidelines. What the camera giant says, however, is that the Canon EOS R3 sits somewhere between the Canon EOS 1D X Mark III and Canon EOS R5, so we can make some educated predictions about the price based on those two cameras.

The launch price of the 1D X Mark III in January 2020 was $ 6,499 / £ 6,499 / AU $ 9,999, while the EOS R5 arrived recently, in July 2020, at $ 3,899 / £ 4,199 / AU $ 6,899.

Given that the EOS R3 in many ways combines the best of both cameras, and has a brand new sensor, we can expect it to be closer to the price than ever of those two cameras, but we will have to wait for the full announcement to know for sure.

Indicators and Features of Canon EOS R3

  • It has a new Canon built BSI CMOS sensor
  • 30fps exploded with shooting following AF / AE tracking
  • New Eye Control Task to move AF points with your eye

Canon has highlighted some of the key features of the EOS R3, but much remains unknown. In the words of the music festival, we know a few titles, but most of the list is full of question marks.

There are five major, proven actions yet. First, the EOS R3 will have a new Canon sensor made with Canon (shown in the background). This is attractive for a number of reasons. It was made by Canon, to begin with, so it should be well integrated with the Digic X camera processor.
But the big news is that this frame-filled sensor will have a ‘full’ design, like the chip seen on the Sony A1, and another Nikon has promised with its incoming sports flagship, the Nikon Z9. The advantages of integrated sensors are their fast data read speeds, which often mean faster shooting and autofocus prevention.

What we do not yet know is what the EOS R3 sensor will be. Given that Canon is paying for it as a “high-speed” camera that can shoot at 30fps continuously, we think the EOS R3 may be on the lower edge of the megapixel scale. For example, the Canon EOS 1D X Mark III and Canon EOS R6 both have 20.1MP sensors, so the EOS R3 can fall between these models and the 45MP EOS R5. Also, we can expect Canon to unveil everything in the next few months.

Perhaps most interesting is the power of Canon EOS R3’s autofocus. Canon has promised that the camera will have the next generation Dual Pixel CMOS AF capable of tracking the eyes, heads, and bodies of your subjects at high speed. Surprisingly, Canon said it would add a new topic to AF’s camera tracking, but this “will still be revealed”. So far, its top cameras have been able to track humans, animals, and birds – so what’s next, insects maybe? Now that would be impressive.

Whatever the new feature tracking feature, there may be another set of EOS R3’s autofocus strategy: Eye Control Activity. What’s going on? Back in the days of film cameras like Canon EOS A2E (known as EOS 5 outside the US) and Canon EOS 3, Canon had a feature called ‘eye-controlled autofocus’ which allows you to select an AF point by simply looking at it in the viewer.

It was the most impressive technology at the time, and Canon promised its “new and improved” EOS R3. The main advantage of the feature is that it may be faster to encrypt your focus point than using buttons; and while the technical body acquisition was notorious for being a bully, we are excited about trying a new Canon Control Function function at R3.

Aside from that new Canon sensor made with that autofocus power, the fourth big new thing announced by the EOS R3 is that it will be able to shoot 30fps with full autofocus tracking and automatic display when using an electric shutter. That’s an impressive feature that is similar to the Sony A1’s high-speed shooting speed but comes with a lot of warnings.

First of all, Canon did not say whether this includes image output or not, or what kind of files will be backed up to 30fps high speeds – on the Sony A1, for example, you can shoot press green and JPEGS, but not compressed or empty green files. Also, speed bump restrictions depend on what you are shooting at, so it is not clear which lenses will support 30fps shooting.

However, the Canon EOS R3 certainly built another fast way without glasses to the EOS 1D X Mark III sportswear. We do not yet know what kind of video he will shoot, what his decision will be, and how much it will cost – but one last thing we can be sure of is that he will have the quality to build proof of the bombing,,

Canon EOS R3 Design and Structure

  • The same durability and weather resistance as the EOS-1 series
  • Integrated pro-level handling and battery life
  • There are no news reports yet on R3’s electronic viewfinder

So far, Canon has released two previous photos of the EOS R3, but there are a few things we know about camera design.

First, Canon promises that the R3 will have the same level of dust resistance and water resistance as its older series of EOS-1 DSLRs. These are famous for being professional non-slip cameras, so that’s good news for the R3 durability.

As you can see in the pictures, the R3 also has a compact grip, which is not there to handle it properly – it also has a large battery that should keep the camera running much longer than most current glassless cameras. It can be difficult to handle 1D X Mark III’s 2,850 images for a fee, but we expect significant improvements to 320 EOS R5 characters when using EVF (or 490 shots when using LCD).

As important as the battery life of the leading sports shooters is the viewfinder, but so far Canon has not provided details about EF R3’s EVF.

We have high expectations, however, as Canon has identified the “visual viewing experience” of the 1D X Mark III as one of the power R3 will receive from its DSLRs. So expect a viewer with the highest resolution and refreshment level, which will be in demand for sports shooters who can’t miss a millimeter of action.

Canon EOS R3 Lenses

After all, for photographers lenses are as important as the camera body – which is why Canon also announced two pro telephoto lenses, as well as the first RF macro lens, next to the Canon EOS R3.

You can learn more about those in our alternative RF 100mm f / 2.8L Macro, 400mm f / 2.8L IS USM, and 600mm f / 6L IS USM lens. But a brief overview is that the new ‘white’ telephotos are glassless ports of the same Canon’s EF equivalent, only this time with more advanced autofocus performance and better image intensity.


For those who can’t handle their watering price tags properly, however, the RF 100mm f / 2.8L looks a more interesting lens. It brings a minimum focus distance of only 8.6cm and comes with a new Spherical Aberration (SA) control ring to soften various parts of your image and creative effects.

While the RF 400mm f / 2.8L IS USM and 600mm f / 6L IS USM will no doubt be perfect partners for the new Canon EOS R3, that new RF 100mm f / 2.8L looks set to be home to all members of the EOS Family R, including Canon EOS R5 and Canon EOS R6.

Canon EOS R3 First Impressions

The Canon EOS R3 is amazing. Recently, the rumor mill was talking about the acquisition of the Canon EOS R1 – so the arrival of R3 means we will no longer see R1?

Not really. From the specs we’ve seen so far, it sounds like the Canon EOS R3 is more like a high-priced, friendly version of the Canon EOS R6, rather than a high-megapixel, 8K-shot flagship waiting for the R1 rumors too.

In this sense, the Canon EOS R3 is likely to be a bigger competitor to the Nikon Z9 than the Sony A1. And like the Nikon camera, it’s something temporary when it will see professional sports photographers moving from DSLR format into the screen.

We look forward to seeing Canon unveil its response to the Sony A1 in the future, but for now the Canon EOS R3 is an exciting sight of the fast-moving sports cameras.


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