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Hey Guys, today I’m gonna tell you Free Intro Maker-Best Intro Maker Online For Youtube-In video,

Let’s Started How to Make a Dynamic Video, Now in this modern world of social media we all know the importance of a video,

video content gets consumed a lot these days on all sorts of platforms, for example, Instagram, tik-tok, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter,

Everywhere video content gets consumed a lot and we all know the importance of video content,

so if you’re an individual out there and for example, if you’re an artist or you know a freelancer or anything,

then you should have some video content to showcase your work and on the other hand, if you’re a brand out there,

then having a social media account with video content is a must these days,

because, people connect to video content a lot and that’s why it is necessary to make videos put out videos and you know to promote your brand or yourself,

through those videos now the whole process of video production is kind of difficult and confusing.

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especially if you’re in the start like

if you are starting out right now then the process of video production might seem too difficult or too confusing and you do not know where to start,

but don’t worry today in this article I’m gonna tell you about a tool which will help you kick start this process

and start producing video is ASAP like you can produce one video right now.

Today itself and post it on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, wherever you want now the tool that I’m talking about is in Article,

in Article is basically a cloud-based video editing software, now what does cloud-based means cloud-based means that it is available on the internet,

That’s not a software that you download onto your laptop or PC it’s a software which can be accessed via a browser,

These on the Internet it’s basically like canva, so if you guys know canva, canva is a very good online editor for photos it’s one of the best out their canva is very good for making posters invitations and social media posts,

it’s really good software, so in Blog is a similar software for video so the guys are in video reached out to me by email and the that they have this awesome software

and would I like to try it and said, yes I would love to try it but I was kind of skeptical to make this video, because I didn’t know how you guys go to the act,

I asked you guys on Instagram and Twitter I took a poll and over 80 percent of you said, yes please make a video on this software

Here I am now one of the main highlighting features about in video is that they have a lot of templates,

You don’t need to think about the composition of the video, they have a lot of ready-made templates and if the template suits your work

then you can definitely go ahead and use it and you can call it a day and editing the template is very easy, so,

for example if you want to make an intro for your brand wherein the logo comes in with different animation styles,

and all those things then it’s pretty simple,

just log on to in video and search for logo intros now once you find a template that you like you have to do very little editing, so once you open the editor you have to change the lower, And first of all,

you need to put your logo and apart from that if there is any text in the template then you need to change that as well.

so for example if there’s an Instagram handle or Twitter handle or Facebook handle you need to change that as well, and once that is done export your video and you are good to go now one thing that I really like about in video is that it has different sizes,

so for example if you want to upload a video to YouTube you would generally do that in a sixteen by nine format, but on the other hand,

if you want to upload a video to the Instagram story then you would have to upload in a format of nine by 16 so in the video has these presets available already and you just need to choose where you want to upload the video, so for example,

if you want to upload to the Instagram story you have 9 by 16 or if you want to upload to an Instagram post you have 1 is to 1 which is square, and they also have a lot of other presets,

which you can use and that is excellent now videos are not like photos you can crop in the photo and change the aspect ratio of the photo, later on, but that cannot be done with videos,

when you want a video in 9 by 16 you need to edit the video in 9 by 16 right from the start and that’s why I think in video has this good tool where they have presets now there are a couple of disadvantages or I would not call them disadvantages,

I would call them obstacles of this software being cloud-based number one, is that you always acquire a good connection, if you don’t have a good internet connection this would not work,

because come on you’re doing video editing online so you need very good internet connection always like whenever you want to edit the videos, you need a good internet connection of a second obstacle,

that comes in is that you don’t get all the pro features that you would normally get with an offline video editor like Final Cut Pro or frame it flow,

Actually, it’s not fair comparing in video with Final Cut Pro and Premiere Pro because the video is something completely different, it is not meant for pro video editing.

I would not recommend it for pro video editing, it’s for someone who does not want to get into pro video editing and they want to quickly make videos which look good as well and you know are easy to edit,

now there are a couple of advantages of in video being a cloud-based software number one is that you do not require high-end hardware, so you do not require a high-end graphics card you do not require a high-end CPU all you require is a PC or a laptop,

with a browser on it and you are good to go and that is a very good thing the second advantage is that your project is saved on in the video.

so whenever you want to download your project just log on to your account and download it so you do not need to worry about the backup of the project it is available on in video,

because it is cloud-based is go ahead and download your project, now here’s what you should do, if you were planning to start video content for yourself your brand or whatever and did not know where to start,

then do this thing just log onto in video and start making videos, make small videos for Instagram or Twitter or Instagram story,

whatever starts making videos and start uploading them now it is free of cost, but there’s a catch it will be free, but there will be a watermark on your videos.

and if you’re fine with that then that’s completely ok in fact I would tell you I would recommend you to start with the free version make a couple of videos,

see how you like the software and then plan on buying the premium version, if at all so if you like the free version and if you think this is going to work out,

then you can buy the premium version and you will get it for 10 dollars annually well not 20 $90, actually, if you use my code you will get 25% discount. so if you use this code over here you will get 25% discount

and You’ll have to pay $10 or $20 for your also to be completely honest there is an affiliate link, if you sign up using that link then that will definitely help out our more interesting Blog,

will get a small part of your you know subscription amount and that will definitely help Our Article, this is not a sponsored blog,

they did not pay me at all so if a lot of people Sign up with my affiliate link then I will earn anyway that’s been it my name is “S M A Hamza” I’ll see you guys in the next one,

Thank you So much