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Hey guys, I hope you’re doing well and I’m here today to give you a Best Noise Cancelling App For Windows, noise cancellation tech review. It is going to be between a video conferencing software called Zoom and a noise cancelling application called Krisp.

Now you can see the basic Zoom interface right here and in the settings you can also see noise cancellation, There is suppression of persistent background noise, which includes… mild noises like air conditioner, PC fan noise, or maybe a vacuum cleaner and then there is the intermittent background noise, which includes more…


Abrupt noise types, such as keyboard typing, chair moving or maybe knocking any kind of other abruptive noises There are a lot of levels here: auto, moderate, aggressive and we can also disable them We’re going to be testing this against Krisp Noise Cancelling Application, which works with any conferencing or communication app.

Here it’s just a basic toggle, you just choose your audio and speaker devices and turn it on or off. We will be testing these two against each other and see how it goes! So, sometimes you think that persistent background noise shouldn’t be that big of a deal It can often times disrupt an important meeting that is going on.

Actually, being concentrated and being productive during work is a very difficult thing to do I don’t know why am I talking about noises right now

but maybe clapping is going to help me understand 😀 it’s also important to take some breaks! Maybe a 5-minute, maybe a 10-minute break?

You can do some exercises! Working from a coffeeshop is a very productive experience unless there is a lot of people around who are talking and then it’s getting in the way of your work Now intermittent background noise,

maybe even worse during meetings because it’s also difficult to get work done in a coffeeshop.. ..because the noise can be too distracting..

So it would be a good idea to have some sort of headphones Working in a coffeeshop can be pretty refreshing Actually if you want a change of an atmosphere, or maybe a change in the environment? You can use some silent keyboards as well which are not producing that much noise.


A ringing cellphone is also very disruptive during a meeting especially if those are different kind of phones and different kind of ringtones There’s some situations when your phone starts to ring and then somebody knocks on the door and you don’t even know what to do about it it is a veeeery interesting situation it’s difficult when there is a phone ringing nearby you when you’re having a meeting

..it’s also difficult when someone’s knocking on your door and you don’t have time to go and answe- When my phone rings,

i get really startled and it can be reeeally distracting when you’re in a meeting so it’s a good idea to maybe put your phone on silent,

and also maybe inform other people that you’re not currently available for a visit Construction noises are also very disruptive when you’re working it can be excessively LOUD and damage your hearing Some people really also love drumming on the table and from doing that my camera starts shaking and sometimes it’s a real struggle and you just wanna leave the room and have some peace and quiet for at least 10 minutes.

It would also be a good idea to choose meeting hours that are not going to be in rooms that have construction going on by neighbors or maybe you could warn your neighbors that you’re in an important call and maybe they can postpone their construction,

although that probably rarely happens So right now we’re in a call with our dearest friend Asti here and we’re going to test the noise cancellation tech in real time i’ve got my trusty tambourine here and Asti has tools of her own, show us what you’ve got!

Annoying toy robot and a hair dryer We’re fully equipped and ready to get this going. i’m going to start playing on the tambourine right here it’s a very exciting instrument and if you don’t have it,

maybe you should get one so let’s see what noises Asti has, Let’s see what I have,

I’m turning this robot on Awful! It is awful, but it’s probably very exciting for kids So bad! And I’m gonna add this hair dryer right now Whooa, we’ve got a full party right here! We’re having fun Thank you Asti for participating in this test with me See you later!

See ya later The final verdict is yours, You’re going to be the one who will decide which one is performing better Is it Zoom or is it Krisp? Let us know in the comments down below Bye!